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and full of forgiveness. >> you can't hold it against people because you have people that make mistakes. not everybody is perfect. >> reporter: johnny williams says he really hopes that that little girl from 2000 gets adjusted so that she can move on with her life. he can apply for the $100 per day for exonerated prisoners. he says he can really use a job so if you are looking for someone who is honest and hard working he could be that guy and he has a clean record. kris sanchez, nbc bay area. an accountant is suing for wrongfully putting him on the city's most wanted list. he hid as his photo and name was circulated in connection to a crime he did not admit. he came forward only to be put in jail for 72 hours.
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>> i turn myself in thinking this is not me, just clear it up. they came up with another charge and threw me in jail. i think it was assault charge. and that was dropped. >> police released him but his photo remained on the list for months afterwards. the complaint asked to engage in aggressive acts to clear his name. the city is reviewing the case before it responds. tonight a preschool teacher is behind bars accused of putting sleeping medication into young children's sippy cups. >> reporter: deborah gratz worked here the last five years. she was stressed and speculate that may be one of the reasons
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she is accused of giving the children sleep medication. more than 80 kids come here to this daycare facility named the city's best in 2011. parents say what apparently happened here last friday shouldn't happen at any daycare. investigators say deborah gratz put sominex into the sippy cup of several children. kiddy academy says they fired her immediately and police arrested gratz on felony child endangerment charges. >> the investigation is definitely looking way far back to see if she had been doing this for some time. >> reporter: when she learned of the arrest she left work and rushed to pick up her two sons. gratz was the 2-year-old's teacher and caleb suffers from seizures. >> sad, disturbing. i don't know what to think. >> reporter: flores says the incident works closer to home
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because she worked for another daycare. kiddy academy issued a statement saying ms. gratz was terminated immediately for her actions and we are fully cooperating with authorities in this case. we take this matter seriously. the tampered sippy cups were confiscated before. she is now taking her son to the doctor to be checked out and police say that that sleep medication was apparently sominex. statelysining officials are investigating the case and they tell me they are working to make sure that gratz doesn't work at any child care facility in the entire state. reporting live, marianne favro nbc bay area news. a potentially deadly situation. a gas main rupture sent flames shooting about 15 feet into the air. you see the flames down below.
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no injuries and the fire was quickly contained. it happened at a home in berkeley just north of the downtown bart station. portions of the two homes were damaged. firefighters say the pipe was ruptured by a nearby excavation crew. a new warning for students and staff tonight after an attempted sexual assault. campus police say the female victim was attacked in the women's health center locker room. this happened on saturday. she was in the shower when someone hiding in the next stall reached out and grabbed her. the woman fought back and yelled for help. the suspect then took off. police set up extra patrols around the area. big changes and demand for more transparency at silicon valley restaurants. this after an investigative unit exposed major flaws with the
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system. >> rith now restaurants aren't graded or scored. last month we uncovered how the system and restaurants are failing to provide diners with clear information. today the board agreed calling for major changes. >> is there a shorthand way for people to make an assessment of the relative cleanliness and healthiness of a particular location? >> reporter: the answer is no which is why the department of environmental health sat before the board of supervisors to present ways of improving the current system. >> the hope is if we do this right we will end up with restaurants and other food service establishments that are safer places for members of the public to go cht. >> reporter: it comes after our investigation exposed problems with the system like the county's website. the inspection system lacked
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detail making it useless. today the board voted to direct the department to transcribe and post inspector's notes online so the department notes citations and why. our investigation also exposed restaurants ignoring a state law that requires restaurants show you their inspection report if you ask to see it. nine of the ten restaurants we visited with hidden cameras didn't show us the report. >> anyone asked is supposed to provide their inspection. >> reporter: the department will look into possible penalties for those who don't comply. >> we are trying to make it as easy as possible for the public to look on their phone or somewhere and evaluate this person versus that restaurant. >> reporter: that is where grades come in. >> if you are looking for food at one place with an a and another place with a d that
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might have some impact on your judgment. >> reporter: and that could happen in santa clara county. the board directed the department to assemble a group. and then report back. >> our goal in the county is to hold restaurants accountable. >> i think we can make this simple and easy and give people the information they need to make informed choices and give the restaurants some incentives to get it done right. >> reporter: the group that will study scoring will be made up of restaurant owners, consumer groups and public health organizations. the entire process is expected to take at least a few months. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. the bitter fight over measure b, the pension reform plan heated up. the california public employment relations board announced today
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it has issued four complaints against the city of san jose. the action means the complaint has to be heard by an administrative law judge. after 70% approved measure b some city workers resigned rather than accept reduced benefits and a higher retirement age. >> the city had a requirement to bargain in good faith and did not do so. >> city workers say the state employment relations board has been successful in challenging san diego's pension reform plan. police on the peninsula say the sunnyveil man who killed three members of a family was driving drunk. he made his first court appearance today. police say on saturday night he was driving about 60 miles per hour when he hit the family's car. he had been racing away from another accident he had just
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caused. police say a blood test show the blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit after drinking beer for five hours at a nearby restaurant. the crash killed a mother and two sons and critically injured a fourth person in that car. the times reports he is already on probation. still ahead tonight at 6:00 a local woman under arrest after a disturbing incident at a local playground. and your tax return may have hit a snag. the glitch that may have a delay in you getting your money. it might sweetest sounding protest ever. why it may be a while before you hear from some of the most accomplished musicians. temperatures near record setting. 80 north napa. we will have details on if it
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will stick around for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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the chp says a witness to the deadly hit-and-run played a role in coaxing the driver to return. the young driver hit and killed a bicyclest. investigators say the victim was a 59-year-old santa clara man. the chp says the driver returned after she was followed by a witness. she is being held as investigators determine what charges she might face. this is the second fatal accident at this intersection this year. palo alto police are asking for the public's help in identifying a robbery and sexual assault suspect. it happened at the glass slipper i inn. police say the man met a woman online and arranged to meet her
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saturday night. he robbed and attacked her before trying to rob her friend. the suspect is described as an asian man in his 40s. a unique protest in a bitter battle today. usually protests is filled with screaming and shouting but this one sounded beautiful. it involved musicians from the san francisco symphony. nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr. sorts out the highs and lows. >> reporter: in san francisco city hall a cortet gave beethoven an afternoon workout. this wasn't simply music for pleasure. >> it is stressful. >> the dodger blue was intended to make the point that los angeles symphony members make more money than san francisco
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symphony. the musicians played the concert to draw attention to their on going contract dispute. >> it is not really about the money but about being treated fairly and well by our institutions. >> reporter: but money is a central character. symphony members are demanding around a 5% raise in their next contract. management says the average symphony musician currently earns $160,000 a year while symphony members insist most earn close to $140,000. >> colleagues in los angeles are making $7,500 more a year than we are. >> reporter: the symphony prepares for an east coast tour next week. musicians say the music will go silent if an agreement isn't soon reached. >> i think there is a probability that there will be a strike. >> reporter: following six months of negotiations
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management says its offer is more than fair. >> it is the same benefit level as our current contract in addition to raises that keep the orchestra among highest three. >> reporter: negotiations with a federal mediator got underway this afternoon. >> they are talented. your check may not be in the mail at least not yet. a tax foul up could make you wait for your refund. scott budman is here with the story. >> we found out about this a few hours ago. a tax error. the software problem inside tax prep company h&r block is affected as many as 6,000 tax returns. the problem caused those to be filed incorrectly and will have to be fixed. those who get refunds will have to wait.
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you have to wait another day for apple to turn things around. apple falling 2.5%. ic that an below today's closing price. this probably won't get people as angry as bankers but google is giving out bonuses. $15 million to four of the top executives. eric schmidt bonus. google stock price up 30% over the past year. >> very nice. about 400 palo alto residents can be evicted. they live in the city's only mobile home park. tonight they are preparing to fight to stay. the owning of the buena vista
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mobile home park has filed paperwork with the city outlining a plan to sell the mobile home park to a developer. some of the park's 400 oresidents have been there for three decades. >> i usually get like 900 a month and the rent is almost 1,000. >> palo alto needs to consider how it will deal with the fact that affordable housing is being lost. >> attorneys for the residents say they will go to court to oppose any conviction. the head of the planning department says the city is waiting for the owner to submit a relocation impact report. that report is expected before the end of this month. hope you got outside. it was beautiful kind of nearing hot weather to me. let's check in with jeff. >> i know how hot it is going to be. when i was driving here and the car thermometer kicking up.
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it really is still here winter. we are in march but our temperatures reading like they should be in may here for parts of the bay area and getting up to a very sultry 80 degrees in napa. cooler near the coast. 67 in san francisco. current numbers are going down most immediately at the coast line where we have the on shore flow coming back. east bay, north bay or south bay it is okay to have dinner outside tonight. temperatures off a bit if you are dining in downtown san jose with conditions in the upper 60s and low 70s. live hd sky camera san francisco tonight commuting through the traffic kind of a drag but once you get there we are expecting pretty clear conditions before some of the fog rolls in. to the south at foster city this is the other component of the problem. the air gets stagnant.
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we have moderate to low air quality right now but looks to get worse and pollen levels in the high category. forget winter this week. storm track is going. it is producing rainfall but you can see it is clearly being blocked from moving in as all of this arkz right into washington. high pressure to the south keeping us dry and not going anywhere the next two to three days. do expect fog in the morning and sun by the afternoon. a few 80s wednesday and a little cooling in the seven day forecast. tomorrow we'll start at 8:00 a.m. everyone in the 40s. by the noon hour in the 60s. warmest spot interior valleys upper 70s to low 80s by 8 p.m. don't forget the sun screen while heading to the beach. while most of the coast line is cool the best beach weather is santa cruz. temperatures in the mid 70s with clear skies.
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we'll have details on the full seven day forecast and see if there is rain coming our way later in the show. raising a woman's risk for high blood pressure. a chemical that could be to blame. making sure it doesn't happen again, a call for action by a local congress woman, the connection to the deadly santa cruz police shootings and the military. could it be the key to solving california's budget crisis? politicalal analyst here to talk about a controversial practice that some say could save the state.
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california democrats could regain their supermajority status in the state legislature tonight. two special state senate elections are being held in san diego and san bernardino to fill seats that were vaicated. if democrats regain the supermajority they would no longer need republican support to approve new taxes, pass
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emergency legislation and put constitutional amendments before voters. california lawmakers are getting a bad grade when it comes to making information accessible to the public online. a new report card from the nonprofit sun light foundation gave california a d based on assessments including timeliness of information and how easy the info is to analyze. the foundation says the goal is for all states to have open records. it is supposed to be big money for california so what is the delay? we are talking about fracking, the new buzzword for a controversial practice but some say it is the future for oil exploration. larry gerston joins us now with more on the term to get the oils and gases from the ground. what is happening with all of this? >> we are talking about a
6:24 pm
potential game changer. california had what scientists see as the largest shale depositt in the nation extending for 200 miles through the central valley. experts believe fracking could generate $250 billion for california over the next 20 years and add 30 to $80 billion in social to economic benefits for every billion barrels removed. here is the kicker. we think that there is about 15 billion barrels in the shale depositt. you do the math and you are talking about an awful lot of money. >> throwing up big numbers. what is the debate? i believe north dakota has done this. >> california is no north dakota, no question about that. environmentalists here are very powerful and they claim that fracking is untested on a large scale basis and they really fear elimination of the state's water
6:25 pm
supply. they have been joined by farmers and ranchers. they are opposed by the power industry and the folks looking for new revenues. it is a political stalemate. there are no real laws on fracking and the state is halting until they can figure it out. >> how does this get resolved? >> it may not. the issue could be caught up in the hands of regulators and courts for decades. there is so much at stake here that legislateers now have submitted at least eight different bills to determine the best conditions for fracking including issues like wastewater spills, prevention, energy company insurance. whether any of these proposals leads the way for fracking remains to be seen. if they ever do california's budget difficulty could see tremendous relief. >> larry gerston as you said
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this could be a game changer for california. still ahead new concern over a widely used antibiotic. from the first lady to arnold to jay-z. the state hands down a big punishment to an east bay teacher accused of tying up a student because the toddler refused to sleep. we will take you live to the vatican city were all eyes on the chimney as the papal conclave begins. we're back in a moment. what do you think of this one?
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the first sign to the outside world since catholic cardinals began the process of picking a new pope. black smoke seen from the chimney of the sistine chapel meaning cardinals failed to elect the new pope.
6:29 pm
>> 2:30 a.m. in rome the voting will resume. for the most part the process remains secretive as more than 1 billion catholics remain focused on the outcome. jay gray has more. >> reporter: with thousands gathering black smoke billowed through the rain and clouds. the first papal vote did not end with the election of the new pope. >> i just pray and just ask god to really guide the church in this time. >> reporter: for catholics it is a time of history and circumstance. their church searching for someone to deal with on going problems at the vatican and inspire the faithful as the number of active proficie ive p >> we need somebody to give our world some hope. >> reporter: the process to find that leader began earlier today
6:30 pm
and the secrecy of the sistine chapel. as the 115 voting cardinals were locked behind the doors of the chapel, outside the waiting began. >> we think it is an amazing opportunity to be here to see the election of a new pope because a pope hasn't stepped down in over 600 years. it is history in the making so it is important to be here. >> reporter: and for the americans who made this pilgrimage it is hope that the smoke reveals something that has never happened. >> longing for an american pope. >> reporter: for now the nationality can and name is still a mystery as the world continues to wait for the white smoke. >> we'll be watching that chimney. that was jay gray reporting from vatican city. for more you can go to our website at there you can find the latest updates as well as photos and raw video. that is
6:31 pm
back here at home new details on a preschool teacher who tied up a toddler who refused to take a nap. right now parents are meeting with school leaders to discuss what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. jodi hernandez has more. >> reporter: the parents only meeting is just getting ready to get underway here. you can see the parking lot is pretty filled up here. folks here, parents are incredibly worried after a teacherer who had been on staff since the preschool opened in 2008 allegedly tied up a 2-year-old with masking tape. >> you can imagine if she hears it, a daughter in a position where she is bound by tape that is something that no parent wants to see. >> reporter: police recount the reaction of a mother who learned a teacher allegedly tied up her
6:32 pm
2-year-old with masking tape for refusing to take a nap. the incident was documented and then prompted a criminal investigation. >> if you can imagine a preschool classroom has a lot of people there. we are trying to talk to as many people as we can. >> we are devastated and shocked. this is a horrible incident. we deplore it in the greatest way possible. >> reporter: school officials say they learned of the incident last week after the former teacher who resigned in january showed a photo of the taped up child to other teachers including the girl's mom. tonight the state ordered the teacher to stay away from all licensed child care centers calling her a threat to the health and safety of children. >> it scares me and makes me not want to put my kids in daycare at all. >> reporter: parents are outraged. they can't imagine anyone taping up an innocent child.
6:33 pm
>> i almost want to cry because i imagine my daughter a few months younger. if someone ever did that to her i would be livid. i don't know what i would do. it is disgusting. >> reporter: school officials plan to hand out this letter to parents tonight at tonight's meeting. this is a letter from the department of social services orderering angela calcagno from ever stepping foot on this campus or the campus of any licensed preschool in the state. school officials are hoping that will alleviate concerns and we learned that calcagno not only worked with two year olds but she had access to a lot of kids on campus. the only report of questionable behavior is -- >> new at 6:00 a 24-year-old
6:34 pm
woman was arrested for allegedly kicking a toddler at a playground. police say the suspect shown here allegedly walked past the man and his daughter at the children's quarter and kicked the little girl in the chest. this happened yesterday. the girl fell to the ground and hit her head on the pavement. police say bell also threatened to kill other children before running away. police did manage to track her down. no word on what if anything provoked the attack. a bay area congress woman is calling for a congressional investigation into why the army dropped rape charges against jeremy goulet. representative jackie speers says he should have been in jail after being accused of raping two female officers while serving in the military. the military decided to grant him an other than honorable discharge.
6:35 pm
he travelled to oregon, berkeley and santa cruz where he killed two police officers two weeks ago. today representative spear revealed the format which would strip commanders of their power. a judge entered a not guilty plea today on behalf of james holmes. holmes' attorneys objected telling the court they were not ready to enter a plea but the judge said the case needed to move forward. he said holmes can change the plea to not guilty by reason of insanity to a later date. the federal aviation administration gave the go ahead. the fixes include a redesign to the battery's cells, better installation of the cells, a new
6:36 pm
fire proof shell around the battery and a venting system for smoke. the dream liner has been grounded since january. they will remain grounded until the faa gives boeing the green light. man kind has found the best evidence yet that life once existed on mars. nasa scientists made the discovery after analyzing the first rock samples selected by the curiosity mars rover. it is a grayish green powder drilled. this mixture contained clay and nearly every key chemical ingredient for life. the discovery means mars can preserve a record that can be discovered by curiosity. >> but when we drilled into the deposit and found nice sediments and other things mentioned in the press conference this is evidence that there are conditions beneath the surface that we drilled into that could
6:37 pm
preserve organic matter. >> and much of this stems from our own backyard. nasa invited the public to watch today's big announcement. scientists help design some of the instruments. vice president joe biden and jay z may have something in common. they are among the dozens of celebrities and politicians who have been hacked. a russian website has posted personal and financial information. it contained sensitive information. it included hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama as well as celebrities like beyonce. big moves for the 49ers and raiders today. from printing to security, 3-d technology is here. coming up we will take you inside a silicon valley startup
6:38 pm
that can scan you. i'm jeff ranieri. temperatures starting to cool off at the coast line. we have 57 in san francisco and nearly 15 degrees warmerer inland with 73 in livermore. one thing is for sure the allergy forecast will be bugging you tomorrow.
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there has been a link between pesticide and high blood pressure. there is a connection and it starts in the womb. a u.c. davis research project found exposure increases a
6:41 pm
woman's risk of developing high pressure. previously it was linked but this makes the prenatal connection. a new warning about one of the most popular antibiotics in the nation. the z-pack. the study shows the drug can cause a potentially deadly irregular heart beat in some patients. those are risk are patients with a slow heart rate, low levels of potassium or magnesium. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. has spring sprung? >> i think so. we use that term every year. it is no more appropriate than at least today. temperatures way off the charts not only 70s but a few 80s. we will tell you who was the hottest and what it means for tomorrow's forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
6:42 pm
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it's one of the big things many people are waiting for, the ability to put anything we want in 3-d. >> silicon valley startup is working to bring the cost of 3-d way down. scott budman spent the day getting scanned. >> reporter: 3 pd printing tops just about everybody's list of hot technologies about to pop. before you print you have to scan. >> if you want to print something and you press it. >> artech wants to handle it all. it can scan your product. and with this scanner your digitized version will look like a professional 3-d photograph. the scanner now costs $18,000. in the future think about this in your home. >> it can cost hundreds of
6:45 pm
dollars. it can be used by people. >> 3-d scanning can also be used for security purposes. for example, this machine in an airport is more precise and less likely to make mistakes even than a fingerprint scanner. >> reporter: which means if you are 3-d printing or body scanning you have come to the right place and eventually you won't have to go anywhere. >> i'm sure this will be built in. >> reporter: 3-d there will be eventually an app for that, too. in palo alto, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott is so one dimensional. >> he is very 3-d and so is our jeff ranieri. we see all sides of your forecast. it won't be too long before you have to strap on the 3-d glasses to watch the weather forecast. it might be cool if we had rain
6:46 pm
in 3-d. some of the hottest temperatures in the north bay. napa with 80 degrees. walnut creek also at 80. palo alto 74 and south san jose with 73. this was warm it was not by far the warmest day ever on record for this day. for example, look at gilroy topped up to 88 degrees on this day in history. your average high in the upper 60s. close to record but not wide spreadt shattering them. what we are seeing is cooling off at the coast line. we can show you why on the live hd sky camera. we have mid and high level clouds and a little cloud cover mixing in. by the golden gate bridge it is obstructed by the low clouds and the fog at the coast line. not clear everywhere tonight. we will continue to have cooler weather for tomorrow. this is just so frustrating. if you want rainfall you will have to not go too far to find
6:47 pm
it. this is the jet stream track. it is arching right to the north as we showed you early in the show. only a few hundred miles away finding wet weather but with high pressure offshore that is not going to budge. it will stay hazy and sunny as we head throughout wednesday and thursday. forecasts show mainly 70s inland and possibly a few more 80s. it will stay sunny for the most part. the coast line will find 50s and 60s there predominantly from about half moon bay to the north. thursday we will get slight cooling in the forecast. tomorrow morning we start with 41 in santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. 46 in redwood city. a fairly clear start back to the east bay. and then by the afternoon plenty of sunshine on your wednesday. we are expecting a few 80s. going to get real close here in downtown san jose.
6:48 pm
we think we will hit 81 in gilroy. on the east bay the potential for 80s. also close to that in livermore with 78. fairfield 80. 78 in santa rosa. you head way off to the southern coast line that is your beach weather for tomorrow. temperatures there a warm spot. throughout thursday and friday it will stay dry. temperatures drop off just a little bit and for this upcoming weekend it will stay mild and above average, very nice. by next tuesday spring will officially start in one day. so mother nature is just excited and wants to give us like an early go at spring to get everybody prepared. >> we like it. >> no complaints. >> spring preview. >> i like that m.
6:49 pm
march 12 is always a huge day in the nfl season. >> absolutely. it is the day football fans look forward to, their second team season ends and today the craziness that is nfl free agency begins. the raiders making a splash by cutting ties with a couple of former first-round picks. the first released is darius hayward bay. he ended up with over 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. the other is michael huff also a first round pick, seventh overall in 2006. the 49ers they send alex smith to kansas city. the former number one overall spent eight seasons in san francisco starting 75 of the 80 games in which he played.
6:50 pm
another bit of 49ers news. it is also official as the 49ers trade for anquan boldin exchanged for a draft pick. he had 104 yards and a touchdown in the ravens super bowl win over the 49ers. delaney walker, tight end reportedly agreed to a four year deal with the tennessee titans. walker spent seven seasons with the 49ers tallying over 1,400 yards and snagging eight touchdowns. the new 49ers stadium is quickly making progress. what street will they play their games on? we know the answer because they have a name. the team will play on the corner of marie debartolo way and bill walsh drive. 4,900 marie debartolo when it opens in 2014. the giants take on the
6:51 pm
padres tonight at 7:00. the man on the mound is tim lincecum. >> the difficult thing he hasn't been out there and he is coming back. i'm sure he will be on a strict pitch count. the important thing is for him to be healthy. if his delivery is in tact i expect him to throw strikes. he is a real competitive kid and i think he was bullied by the success. >> royals and as, as down. brandon moss a two-run single to center. ball game is tied at 3-3. bottom five. eric doubles to right. as take the lead and the as go on to win it.
6:52 pm
sharks and blues. both teams barely in the playoff picture with 28 points. sharks turn the puck over. chris stewart is going to make them pay. he rifles one and it is 1-0 blue on top. and end of the first period a great pass to joe thornton. and can't convert. right now it is 3-1, blues on top. how about this one? they were golfing in waterloo, illinois when mark disappeared into the ground, fell into a sink hole on the fair way. it was approximately 18 feet deep. pretty crazy but they did get him out. this one from the weekend. a basketball team in nebraska decided to give their coach a gator aid bath after a win. usually these happen outdoors. the coach goes down. he was okay.
6:53 pm
>> ouch. >> don't give any of you a ga r gatorade shower indoors. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage you can watch tonight at 10:30. >> we will be right back.
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6:55 pm
tonight a ride along with the produce police. we follow food inspectors as they make surprise visits to local farmers markets. the next stop a lab where they
6:56 pm
test the fruits and vegetables for illegal pesticides. we'll show you what they found as they work to make sure your food is safe. finally it looks like twinkies do last forever. hostess has agreed to sell the business for $410 million saving twinkie along with other hostess products. approval of the deal is expected next week and twinkies could be back on store shelves by summer. i had a twinkie hiding in my drawer for months hoping it would be worth a lot of money but now i guess i have to eat it. >> have a great evening. >> not sharing.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> "extra, extra!" >> now on "extra" -- they can't hide anymore. tiger and lindsey vonn together. where we just caught the undercover couple. as his ex, elin, new boyfriend is revealed. the donald today on getting hacked in an all-star ring, alongside beyonce, kim k. and mrs. obama. >> it's a tough situation. >> what are you doing to deal with it? >> "extra" with bachelor sean and his new fiancee catherine the morning after his romantic proposal. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> is the wedding still on? and why sean is saying this -- >> my groin is so sore right now. [laughter] >> katie couric today on the rumors matt lauer wanted a "today" show reunion and that she could be going to "the view." >> i loved being on the show when i've been on the show. >> then two "extra" reporters,
6:59 pm
two babies on the way. hilaria baldwin and a.j. get a parenting crash course from the duggars and their 19 kids. >> alec, you better pay attention. >> should i have 19? >> plus days after this -- >> great to see you, too, and your legs. >> renee reunites with jim carrey and this time she's got handcuffs. >> if we do that, then you're coming to my place. >> oh! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution/] >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. bachelor sean and his new fiancee. is she jealous of his new sexy dance partner, peta? that's coming up. >> tiger and elin moving on. we've got the first shots of tiger and his new olympic girlfriend. >> tiger and lindsey heating up. elin just plain trading up. ew details on their x games. new photos exposing tiger and vonn's secret rendezvous. a week-long

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TOPIC FREQUENCY California 11, San Francisco 5, Scott Budman 3, Us 3, Napa 3, Raiders 3, Deborah Gratz 2, Holmes 2, The City 2, Apple 2, Nasa 2, Vatican City 2, Nap 2, Jeff Ranieri 2, Marie Debartolo 2, San Diego 2, Los Angeles 2, Livermore 2, North Dakota 2, San Francisco Symphony 2
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